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The surprising benefit of electrolysis hair removal..

When it comes to hair removal, people usually think of shaving, waxing, or laser treatments. However, there’s one method that’s often overlooked but extremely effective – electrolysis hair removal has some of the surprising benefits that you probably didn’t know about.

It’s permanent – Unlike shaving or waxing, electrolysis provides permanent results. It targets the hair follicle, destroying it completely so that hair doesn’t grow back.

It’s versatile – Electrolysis can be used to remove hair from almost any part of the body, including the face, legs, underarms, and bikini line.

It’s safe and gentle – Electrolysis is a safe and gentle hair removal option, even for those with sensitive skin. It doesn’t use harsh chemicals or heat, so there’s no risk of burns or irritation.

It’s cost-effective – While electrolysis may seem expensive upfront, it’s a cost-effective option in the long run. Since it’s permanent, you won’t need to keep paying for hair removal treatments over time.

It’s good for your skin – Unlike shaving or waxing, electrolysis doesn’t damage your skin. In fact, it can improve the appearance of your skin by preventing ingrown hairs and reducing the risk of scarring. Overall, electrolysis is a highly effective and safe hair removal option that offers a range of surprising benefits. Whether you’re looking for a permanent solution or simply want to try something new, electrolysis is definitely worth considering.

Different types of electrolysis methods

We have mainly three electrolysis methods to effectively and permanently remove hair from any skin space you wish to. Head over to know more about these three methods.


Thermolysis is the most commonly used method for the permanent hair removal process. The probe at the base of the hair is exposed to alternating current during thermolysis in order to generate heat and kill the hair follicle. It is an effective and considerably faster hair removal method. This method is also known as Radio Frequency or Shortwave. Henri Bordier published the first account of thermolysis in medical literature in the 1920s.


The blend method frequently combines the galvanic process and thermolysis. Blend method accelerates the galvanic chemical process that kills the hair follicle by using a combination of heat and current. Although a little slower than thermolysis, this technique is quite powerful and frequently used to treat problematic areas.


This method uses a direct current which moves from one pole to the other in one direction. We recommend this as it is an excellent method for strong and coarse hair. It kills your hair follicle through an electrical current and a chemical reaction. This approach, which bears Luigi Galvani’s name, uses the human body as an electrolytic cell. Ophthalmologist Charles Michel published the first description of galvanic electrolysis in medical literature in 1875 as a treatment for ingrown eyelashes.

  • New York is a hub for top-notch beauty services, and electrolysis is no exception. here, you can find highly skilled professionals who use the latest technology to provide safe and effective treatments. Let’s dive into the best place that have truly stood out based on customer satisfaction, expertise, and overall experience.

  • At our facility, we pride ourselves on providing impeccable service in the realm of hair removal.
  • Our innovative technique is not only safe, but also extremely effective in delivering permanent results.
  • It has been granted official FDA approval, further solidifying its quality and reliability.
  • Electrolysis is a great option for individuals of all skin and hair types, as it directly targets hair follicles for complete and comprehensive removal.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have peach fuzz or thick coarse hair, electrolysis will work wonders in achieving the smooth and flawless skin you desire. Not only is electrolysis effective, it is also devoid of any long-term side effects.
  • Our highly skilled team of beauty experts is adept at administering the best electrolysis hair removal service in NYC,
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  • We have the latest Electrolysis (Apilus Xcell pro) machine which provides the best results.
  • Our Electrologist is Qualified and certified by the  Board.

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The length of an electrolysis session depends on the size of the treatment area and the amount of hair to be treated. Sessions can range from a few minutes to over an hour. Your electrologist will provide a more accurate estimate during the consultation based on your specific requirements.

Take advantage of our free consultation and receive expert advice and personalized solutions at no cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the help you need – schedule your consultation today!


Moon Electrolysis now offers an easier way to schedule your appointments online. With just one click, you can book your desired slot today. Our mission is to provide a comfortable and hospitable environment to our clients, which starts with you being able to schedule your appointment at your preferred time. We are always here to help you achieve fresh and tension-free skin. Let Moon Electrolysis assist you in achieving your beauty goals.

Exclusive Transgender Hair Removal: Beautiful and Effective

Unwanted hair can be a source of frustration and embarrassment for many individuals.

Traditional hair removal methods like waxing and shaving offer only temporary relief, leading to frequent and time-consuming maintenance routines.

Electrolysis is a highly effective and proven method of permanent hair removal. It involves the use of a fine probe inserted into individual hair follicles to administer a small electric current.
This current is carefully calibrated to permanently damage the hair follicle, hindering its ability to produce new hair over time.

Safe, Effective, and Permanent Hair Removal

Whether the problem is caused by PCOS, Trans, hormone imbalances, genetics, or metabolic factors, Moon Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted hair.

Electrolysis hair removal is safe and effective for all skin types and hair colors. This means that women who have previously struggled with other hair removal methods due to their hair color or skin type can now turn to electrolysis with confidence

The Surprising Health Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Reduced risk of infection: By getting rid of hair at the root, electrolysis eliminates the risk of infection that can come with other hair removal techniques like waxing, which can leave hair follicles open to bacteria.

Fewer ingrown hairs: Because electrolysis targets individual hair follicles, it can help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, which can be painful and unsightly

Improved hygiene: Hair removal in areas like the underarms and bikini area can help keep those areas cleaner and drier, reducing the risk of odor and infection.

Reduced skin irritation: Unlike shaving and waxing, which can cause skin irritation and redness, electrolysis is gentle, making it a great option for sensitive skin. So if you’re looking for a hair removal method that offers more than just cosmetic benefits, electrolysis might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Exclusive Transgender Hair Removal: Beautiful and Effective

Experience exclusive hair removal solutions tailored for transgender people. Beautiful results with our expert electrolysis treatments. Feel confident and hair-free!

Ready for remarkable skin? Explore how NYC’s electrolysis is changing the beauty game

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Andrew RamirezAndrew Ramirez
19:06 26 May 24
Great customer care. Answered all of my questions about electrolysis. Nice area with a caring electrolysis technician in the heart of Manhattan. She works with you on what you want treated during the appointment. I have been for four sessions and I am enjoying the results.I highly recommend Farha for electrolysis!
M ValterM Valter
21:58 20 May 24
Farha is incredible! She is caring, accommodating and has helped me achieve wonderful results in a few months. She works carefully but efficiently and she is so thoughtful in her approach. I always look forward to seeing her - She is so sweet and I leave feeling excited for my results. I can genuinely say my confidence has improved thanks to her treatments and I am very grateful I found her. 1000% recommend!
denise whitedenise white
17:09 11 May 24
I loved it so much great service!
Kate MassuccoKate Massucco
13:33 04 Apr 24
Farha is the best! She’s extremely efficient and knowledgeable about her work, I always feel like I’m in the best hands with her. I would highly recommend her to everyone
marisa marianimarisa mariani
16:58 21 Mar 24
Amazing place for electrolysis! I highly recommend it!
Nicole RNicole R
01:33 17 Mar 24
Farha is absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to speak to. I have only had one session with her but she is a quick worker and keeps everything impeccably clean/sterile. Also love that there is online scheduling and ample availability so you can work around your personal schedule. I highly recommend!!
Alex NAlex N
17:47 10 Mar 24
Farha is one of the best electrologists I’ve been to. She’s fast, meticulous, and, as a former nurse, incredibly knowledgeable. She uses one of the best machines on the market and is always honest and upfront with me about how long things could take. I ended up seeing results after our first session, which didn’t happen with other electrologists I’ve been to. She’s very sweet and warm and always checks in on how much pain I’m feeling and has offered great options to help with the pain. During the consultation she gave me a full explanation of the process and how it works from a scientific perspective which I’ve never had before. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to get electrolysis done.
Chelsea CookChelsea Cook
22:52 25 Jan 24
Moon Electrolysis is the best in NYC! Farha is an expert and I trust her whole heartedly.
Andrelle JeffersAndrelle Jeffers
04:01 25 Jan 24
Very professional
Jade StephanJade Stephan
03:13 09 Jan 24
Farha works quickly and efficiently, getting even the smallest blondest hairs, ones that other electrologists have struggled a lot with. I won't say the process is painless, but it is well worthwhile for me. Glad to be on the journey to no dysphoric facial hair.

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